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Activated You Morning Complete Reviews

Below are actual customer reviews of Activated You Morning Complete. Click on these Activated You reviews to read about why people love Activated You Morning Complete.

Morning Complete Reviews

Samantha C, on09-24-2021

I have only been using Activated You Morning complete for 3 weeks and am amazed by how well it works. I no longer have bloating and my doctor lowered one of my medicines for diabetes because it is well controlled. I have even lost a couple of pounds. Love it and will order more.

Phillip J, on09-10-2021
amazing product

Morning Complete is far above the competition. I have been training for 50 years. MorningComplete is my go to jump start every day. I have 2x's the energy and feel clean and healthy from the inside out. Thank You ActivatedYou and Maggie for bringing this product to market.

Cat, on08-29-2021
Excellent product

Activated You Morning Complete is an Amazing product!! I recommend it to Everyone!! I've used this for about 9 months & feel great & have shed 30+ pounds! I’m eating healthier & exercising & walking more. Give it a try!!

Ron, on08-29-2019
Morning Complete

I've been using morning complete for over 2 years and have unreal results!. Slimer, firmer, and all around healthier. Better results when combined with other Activated You products , but certainly a home run on its own.

Tom, on05-06-2018
Seeing a difference

I actually enjoy Morning Complete. Fond of the taste. I am much more regular. Feel healthier. Thanks.

Y Su, on05-29-2020
Feeling amazing and cleansed !

I've always been having some digestive problem such as sens've stomach and constipation. Morning complete is a formula that is so designed for me. I drink it merely with water with empty stomach with no feeling of irritation at all. My bowel starts moving like an hour later after taking it. I feel amazing...I will keep up with the product to see how it works [...]. Thank you ActivatedYou.

Anne Loveless, on05-02-2018
I love what Morning Complete does for me

I used to come home from work and go to bed. After 4 days on morning complete I began staying up and talking to my husband and we would watch Tv together. Now on the weekends we help run a baseball league for kids and volunteer, go to movies and just live life. I have lost some weight, too. It’s hard to believe that just balancing my gut bacteria and using Morning Complete for a simple breakfast has changed my life. Thank you both.

Suzette, on04-09-2018
Morning Complete

I start my morning everyday with morning complete. It has eliminated the bloating and I have no more issues with bowel movements! My energy has increased.....

Allison, on04-09-2018
Morning Complete

This product is amazing! I was having digestion issues and I've notice a huge difference while taking Morning Complete.

Gerald Hatley Sr., on04-06-2018
Morning Complete

I am super doubtful regarding most claims, but I tried Morning Complete and to my surprise within a week or two, I started noticing I felt better, had more energy, and my attitude was more positive. I have recommended it to several friends, and will continue its use myself.

Michelle Sparks, on04-04-2018
Morning Complete

I love the Morning Complete. I feel better and it tastes much better than other greens I have tried in the past.

Victoria Fitzgerald, on04-30-2018
Morning Complete

I feel so much better since starting Morning Complete. Along with taking the digestive enzymes, I couldn't be happier. My GI tract is humming along now. My skin is clearer and I feel great.

Debbie Cantin Kresse, on04-28-2018
Awesome Product

I have been using this product for two months. the results are amazing. I have more energy and I sleep soundly through the nights. My husband has started using Morning Complete also. He loves the product too. I highly recommend this product.

Soni, on04-26-2021
Feel Good On Purpose

More energy, bloating is gone, and no constipation. "ACTIVATED-YOU / MORNING COMPLETE" the reason these issues are gone as long as I take it every day! I give this product an A+!

Traci Jackson, on04-24-2018
Morning Complete

Morning Complete truly answered my prayers. I can finally go to the bathroom. I am in love with this product. I will definitely tell all my friends about Morning Complete. - TJ

Catherine Coan, on04-20-2018
Morning Complete

Almost at a month of daily use of Morning Complete. Lovely to be so 'regular' - much more consistent. Quite easy to drink and mix it with only water. I enjoy drinking it first thing and 'most' times, before coffee :).

Jill, on04-02-2020
A Game-Changer!

This has been a game changer for me in ways that are hard to describe. I'm pretty fit, work out 4-5 times a week (intense work outs) but was always feeling bloated and with a 'delicate' stomach. Even the tiniest things would make me uncomfortable. I tried all the elimination diets, supplements, and even did homemade celery juice every morning for a year-- and nothing helped. Then I tried the Activated You Morning Complete and my stomach feels settled, I can see my abs (that I could never see before because of the bloating!), and I have great energy to start the day! I've been having it everyday for over two months (even when traveling)-- and I don't have any plans to stop. For me, the first 7-10 days on it-- I felt gassy, as I think my body was almost going through a re-balancing of my gut or something. And while its not great to be gassy, it a weird way it felt good cause I could tell that my body was changing something. So I'd recommend to commit to at least 2 weeks of consistency (using it every morning- first thing) to get results. Morning Complete has honestly been a savior to me.

G, on04-19-2018

I love Morning Complete. I haven’t had this much energy in years. Now that my energy is higher I am able to complete all the projects I have put off. Plus the taste is great too!

Paular, on04-16-2018
Morning Complete

This product is great - I don't want to go back to mornings without Morning Complete. Thank you for making a product that is so easy to use!

Paul Hudson, on04-15-2018

I have been using Morning Complete for a little more than a month. I am definitely impressed how it has helped my body and sharpness. I am grateful how well it works and will continue using it. Great job this product is a winner.

Peter S, on04-13-2018
Morning Complete

I drink my morning complete at 5am and then have my oatmeal around 8am. I find I only eat half as much as I did before. Very impressed with the product.

Laura T., on04-12-2018
Love It!

I love it! I noticed the difference with my first glass of Morning Complete. It's everything it claims to be and more. I'm so grateful you guys really produced a drink that totally promotes wellness. I drink it with water and it's all I need to start my day on healthy note.

Steven Reynolds, on04-12-2018
Morning Complete

I am extremely happy and excited that there is a product on the market that is so well formulated to provide such a balanced assortment of nutrients. My fiancé and myself both use Morning Complete and we can definitely vouch for the super gut support we are both experiencing. It gets every day started on the right track and I have had some intestinal issues that are much better after being on the product for one month. Great job!

Jean French, on04-12-2018
Morning Complete has changed my life forever...

I started Morning Complete because genetically, stomach issues have always been a problem. And not being a fan of vegetables, I was always doing myself a disservice by eating the wrong things. At age 40, only 1 month after taking my first jar of Morning Complete, I have more energy than I could have imagined. I train horses for a living, and am in the saddle for 3-5 hours per day. It's amazing to me that I can go to Zumba class after a day outdoors, starting at 6:30am and ending at 7pm. I simply can't live without this supplement.

Craig, on04-10-2018
Morning complete taking on good gut health!

This product seemed to come about just as I was struggling with my own gut health. I love that Morning Complete takes a holistic approach to good gut health and is an all-in-one solution. I've found increased bowel movements, better energy and less sluggishness. I wish there were other 'Complete' options available for other areas of my health and wellness!

Ruby, on03-29-2020

I wanted to try this product because I was desperate. I struggle with bloating and constipation. I never felt like I completely used the bathroom even when I did go. I have been using activated you morning complete for about two weeks and I am hooked. I actually feel great! no bloating and the being regular is awesome!!

Beth Zarzycki, on03-28-2019
I feel alive again!

I love trying new products and I am so happy Activated You was suggested to me. I take it every morning when I wake up and I can instantly feel my cells smiling. :-). I have energy without being jittery; I am awake throughout the day. My bathroom habits are now more consistent. I am going on a cruise soon and I am definitely taking my MORNING COMPLETE with me! Thank you for creating this product!

Heidi, on03-25-2018
First bottle of Morning Complete

I am just about at the end of my first bottle of Morning Complete. I definitely had digestive system improvements starting with my first week taking this product. I seem to gradually be feeling more energy, and focus each day. It is filling enough that it is the only food needed for breakfast. Also, very quick and convenient to prepare, and tastes good. I have not taken this product long enough for 5 stars. I will have a more informed opinion after a few more bottles.

Lisa Snidet, on03-19-2018
Much more than I expected

Quick and easy! Just add water, shake and drink! The apple flavor makes it easy to drink. Doesn't taste like something that is actually good for you. Sugar cravings are down and energy is going up. My body just feels better drinking morning complete.

Janiece, on03-19-2018
High energy!

"With a full time job, 3 kids, and a singer in a band, I need energy! Morning Complete does the job! I highly recommend this product!"

Pat, on03-15-2018
Morning Complete

I am so happy that I ordered Morning Complete. My husband is even using this product and we're both feeling great. Morning Complete really works and we plan to continue taking this every morning. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Charles Eubanks, on03-11-2018
"I'm enjoying it!"

I have been using "Morning Complete" for just a short time but I can feel good things happening to me. I have more energy than normal and I am regular in the bathroom. I don't have more to tell you yet but I will tell you more when I can feel it clearly. Thanks for being there.

Theresa, on11-27-2020
Really does work

I started with 3 jars and was hopefully but unsure it would really work. By the end of the first week I was in love! My gut issues have been a life long struggle, IBS - spastic colon w/ constipation. I make my own keifer, take probiotics, have tried many other things with mixed success. Now I am regular for the first time in 50 years. My skin cleared up - an unexpected bonus! Energy is probably the least noticeable improvement, although probably improved. I take in warm water first thing in the AM. I just ordered 6 more jars. This is no doubt my new staple!!

Stepht, on03-20-2019
Excellent product

Love how I feel with the addition of morning complete to my day. This has helped me sustain my energy throughout he day without my typical 3:00 energy/ sugar crash. It tastes great and adds all the supplements and probiotics I want to include in my day in one drink.

Ashley, on12-27-2018
You need this in your life

I am in love with this product! I am now regular, and let me tell you, that was never the case in my whole life. Iƒ??ve tried everything. This also has made my energy level excel, but at a healthy rate, no increase in heart rate, jitters, or crash - and this lasts all day! Iƒ??m so much more productive at work as well. The only downfall to this is I havenƒ??t really lost any weight, BUT I can tell a difference with my stomach and thereƒ??s hardly any bloating after eating bad foods either. All in all, I will be keeping this in my daily routine.

Melissa, on12-14-2018
Love Morning Complete

Morning Complete is a great product and tI couldn't be happier. Where else can you get prebiotics, probiotics and greens all mixed together to taste great. I'm just about to finish my 3rd month and I have recommended to some of my family members. Before this product, my elimination would be 1-2 times a week, now it is a daily occurrence. The price is steep, but worth every penny.

Vanessa, on09-20-2018
Feeling Good

I have always had stomach digestion issues and constipation. Since I have been taking Morning Complete for close to a week straight now and I have already felt a difference in my energy in the morning and I feel less bloated throughout the day and starting to have regular bowel movements.

Laura, on05-05-2018
Morning Complete

I feel the powder is high quality. I add it to my morning smoothie and since taking it I feel a lot more energy, better bathroom visits and a overall feeling of wellness. I also take the probiotics from Activated You, they have helped with all my food sensitivities and bloating. I am feeling so much better and will continue to buy these products.

Supermomeee, on04-06-2018
Grateful for this product!

The first time I used Morning Complete I had a difficult time tolerating the flavor. But now I actually enjoy the taste! I noticed frequent bowel movements during the first couple of weeks but shortly after it turned to constipation. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day seems to solve this issue and I've even lost some weight along the way! The energy boost I feel when drinking this is incredible- and the nutritional values reassure me that I'm optimal health

Dori May, on03-15-2018
Good Morning!

My digestion is so much better since beginning my day with MC. The taste is great and I've cut back on caffeine and have lost weight and no longer experience bloating...unless I eat something I shouldn't!! Thank you for this has helped so much. DORI MAY

Barb, on02-22-2018
Trying to figure out what changes I like the most

I have been Morning Complete for about a month now and I am trying to figure out what changes i like the most. I do feel more alert all day and don't seem as sluggish in the evening. Digestion is tricky with me but i do feel some improvements. both my husband and myself are on it and he loves the results. He previously was using a pill form of probiotic and likes the powder better.

Pamela, on02-19-2018
Love the taste

Loving the taste now. Keeps things moving. I have more energy at the end of a busy day. Excited I'm getting the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics in one complete product.

Guadalupe Mejia, on02-08-2021
Enjoying it so far!

I have consistently been taking this product for about two weeks, and I wanted to say that it has easily become a part of my routine. I enjoy starting off my day with my glass of water and Activated Morning Complete. I have been feeling energetic and in a better mood. No more brain fog, which is awesome! I really enjoy it and will continue to use my three month supply.

Alison K, on02-03-2021
Life Saver

I have struggled with constipation since I was an infant and have always had digestive issues. I have tried taking regular probiotics daily and eating well while exercising regularly; however, I was still having issues! My friend came across ActivatedYou's ad and sent it to me, and I was desperate to try anything that could help stabilize my system. It's been 3 weeks since taking Morning Complete, and I have been regular every single day. That has NEVER happened before in my entire life!! I am amazed and so grateful for this well-researched supplement and will continue to incorporate this as a part of my morning routine.

Natalie D Corey, on02-25-2021
Morning complete

I absolutely love the activated you morning complete. I feel difference in my body and digestion after the first couple of days of taking it. I feel energized, I have lost weight and feel great!

Melissa Craig, on02-22-2018
Morning Complete

LOVE it! Have been taking Morning Complete now for 30 days and it has improved my life dramatically. I have been struggling for years with digestive issues and Morning Complete has had the most beneficial results of anything else I have tried to date. Love your product!!! Thank you SO much ... I truly can't thank you enough :)

Abby, on02-21-2018
Honestly, amazing

Honestly, I am pleasantly surprised with this product. Like Maggie said in the video that convinced me to purchase- starting my day with morning complete makes me "want" to eat healthy effortlessly. I'm not sure if it's me psychologically tricking myself or if it really is my physiology changing and acting as it should be. I love this product and it is worth the price. I do not have a large income but I feel this product is so beneficial for my health that I don't care about that cost. Thank you!

Sammi M, on02-16-2021
Enjoying Morning Complete

I like that when I start my day with Morning Complete, it fills me up! What I like MOST about morning complete is that every time I use it, I am reminded that I am doing something for myself. Throughout my day I spend a lot of time and energy focusing on others - my family, my job, my community... so it's a simple way for me to fill my own cup so that I have enough energy and heart to serve others. I also want to say that I really appreciate the positive reinforcement emails from Maggie Q and the Activated You community.

Rachael Lutz, on02-14-2021
Excellent product

I've been taking Morning Complete for about 3 weeks now and I feel amazing so far! It has given me back energy that I've missed. My digestive system feels great! I feel like I'm renewing my body! I can't remember the last time I've felt this great! Maybe close to how I felt in my teenage years. I was very athletic. I was a gymnast, dancer, cheerleader who also lifted weights! This stuff is great and I am so happy it kept popping up on my timeline. It tastes great too, which is a bonus for me! Thank you activated you! Thank you for your awesomeness in a jar!

Fernando & Malena (Chicago), on10-03-2019

My wife and I decided to try this product the results are impressive, we recommend it. We have more energy and we feel better.Thank you ACTIVATEDYOU Morning Complete.

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Morning Complete FAQ

What Are the Potential Health Benefits of Morning Complete?

Morning Complete can support whole body wellness with its eight unique ingredient blends. 


*Individual results can and will vary.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use only as directed. 

How Does Morning Complete Work?

Morning Complete goes above and beyond what many other probiotic supplements do. It pairs probiotics with prebiotics to help ensure that the new strains of bacteria have the nourishment they need to survive in your gut. Including prebiotics ensures that the probiotics are able to thrive, multiply, and help you feel your best.9

Beyond the prebiotics, Morning Complete contains thoughtful blends that contain rockstar ingredients like adaptogens, liver support, antioxidants, metabolism enhancers, and sugar absorbers. The long list of science-backed ingredients is there to support full body wellness. 

But here’s the best part of all. To make Morning Complete work for you, all you have to do is blend a scoop of powder with your liquid of choice, whether it be water, green tea, or even your morning coffee. Mix up a cup, and sip your way to better health.*†


*Individual results can and will vary.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use only as directed. 

Does Morning Complete Contain Caffeine?

Due to the green tea leaf extract in the Metabolic Blend, Morning Complete contains a minimal amount of caffeine. Studies show that caffeine can help increase your resting metabolic rate, which may make it easier for you to attain weight loss goals.10,11 It’s always recommended you speak with your healthcare provider before you start a new supplement.


Does ActivatedYou Ever Offer Any Discounts?

ActivatedYou occasionally offers limited-time discounts and promotional prices on Morning Complete. Plus, if you purchase multiple jars at a time, you may be able to access special savings. For the latest offers, visit

Can I Trust the Quality of Morning Complete?

Morning Complete is manufactured in the United States. After production, ActivatedYou products go through rigorous quality testing at an independent, third-party facility.

Where Can I Purchase Morning Complete?

You can purchase Morning Complete directly through ActivatedYou’s website. Buying this product directly from the manufacturer ensures access to special discounts and the 90-day money-back guarantee. Visit for more information.